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How to recover password/PIN to BRD (Bread) mobile crypto wallet?

In the field of recovery, we face all the time with new issues that we have never seen before. The range of problems in different circumstances is enormous, and that makes our job so excited. We never know what we get to do.

For purposes of this article, we will name our client Sam; unfortunately, a few months ago, a close family member of Sam passed away. This person left behind a mobile phone with an encrypted Bread wallet.

Sam tried to guess the 6-digit PIN several times, but it did not work. Every wrong attempt made a more extended duration before the next shot … Sam quickly realized that he needs external help from someone like KeychainX. He asked me about service via a form and ask about any possibility of recovery in this case.

We set a meeting, and on the next day, Sam appeared in the KeychainX office. There was uncertainty and worry in his eyes. (Deep down, I understood how hard it is to trust someone you don’t know at all.)

We got into the discussion, and after less than an hour, we had an agreed plan of action. Unfortunately, we did not have any hints or seed words, so the only way to get access back was by looking for an encrypted Keystore file inside the phone. It’s more complicated when it comes to mobile wallets like BRD, ImToken, Coinomi, Exodus, Abra, and others. If we lost seed and has forgotten password, it’s necessary to extract encrypted file directly from the phone.

He left me the phone and, at the end of the meeting, told me,

“I appreciate your transparency on the personal side and also by success stories from your blog.”

It’s always good when someone appreciates your work and doesn’t think about you as a scammer. We didn’t know exactly how much BTC we had to reclaim, but more importantly, we have never hacked the BRD wallet yet. I thought, let’s do that!

I made a backup in iCloud (later it was crucial, but at that time, I made a backup prophylactically). I started to implement jailbreak to the new iPhone 6, and after 10-15 minutes, everything was ready. In the most mobile wallets, private keys are stored in iPhone Keychain, and there is an additional security layer that does not allows you to download full cloud backup to another phone. Hypothetically, if you make a full iPhone backup, you can’t get everything on a different iPhone.

Before I started, I tried to attempt a random PIN to the BRD wallet to check its behavior. A few seconds later, I shivered, my wallet reset. Fortunately, I made a full backup, and I was able to restore everything.

I sighed with relief.

I started looking for an encrypted file again. Three hours have passed, and finally I found it! Breaking the 6-digit PIN is very easy, so it wasn’t too much of a problem to access the funds! I made a call to Sam and told him about the result! He was impressed and so happy about that.

I restored the phone to standard settings, deleted all data on external devices, and sent crypto Sam to the address indicated by him.

If you have any issues connected to your mobile crypto wallet. Feel free to reach out to KeychainX and ask about possibilities. We approach every time individually and make a full analysis of every specific problem.

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