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How to recover password to ImToken wallet? 

Imtoken mobile cryptocurrency wallet 

It is one of the leading mobile wallets used by the crypto community. The availability of 30,000 tokens for ERC20 and BTC, LTC, BCH, or EOS and the simplicity of the interface makes many users decide to use ImToken. 

It all started in 2016 when CEO Ben Hen Bin founded ImToken. In 2018, ImToken raised $10 million in funding, which proved to be a catalyst for further growth. The following data can evidence this. According to ImToken website, in 2019, the total amount of funds transferred within the wallet was $ 80 billion, and users held funds of $ 1.75 billion using software provided by ImToken. The number of active users monthly has long exceeded the threshold of 4 million, and the mobile application has already been installed on over 10 million devices. It is awe-inspiring, especially if we consider the present scale’s growth rate over the last 3-4 years.

How does the ImToken wallet take care of users’ security? 

After downloading the wallet, it is first necessary to create a password responsible for encrypting our keys with which we sign transactions. ImToken is not a wallet that stores its users’ keys in the cloud or on its own servers. 

A pair of keys is generated on the user’s side and is locally in his possession in an encrypted form on the selected device on which the user uses the wallet. On the practical side, it is possible to secure our account by creating and saving a backup of 12 mnemonic words. In the event of a password loss, we can import our funds to another wallet without any problems, from which we will regain control over them.

I forgot the password to the ImToken wallet. How to get access back?

From the security side, it can be said that ImToken makes every effort to ensure that it is at the highest possible level. The very aspect of not working as a hot wallet such as, which stores users’ keys on its own servers, dramatically improves its security advantages. The problem, however, is that this approach comes at a cost in terms of certain consequences.

Many cryptocurrency users forget about the properties of the technology and the advantages that go with them. They are too focused on a speculative fascination to think about it. We are not trying to deny it. This is the objective reality of most users. Instead, we want to focus on the consequences of this phenomenon and approach. Every day we are used to the fact that the Internet services we use have the “Forgot your password?” The option allows us to regain efficient access to a given account for which we have forgotten the password.

In the case of ImToken, a password reminder is not possible because ImToken does not have and does not store our keys. This confuses many users who have had the problem of forgetting the correct content to authorize access to the account. In the case where we have a sequence of mnemonic words, the so-called seed (12 words), we can easily restore access to funds from another wallet, then delete the current account on ImToken and create another one with a new password that encrypts our newly generated keys. This story would have a beautiful end, if not …

I did not create a (safe) backup to the ImToken wallet, and I have forgotten the password. How to recover? 

One of the biggest nightmares that can happen to a cryptocurrency user is the very situation that forces us to ask the above question. Most of the users contact the support immediately, naively believing in getting any form of help. Unfortunately, any person who finds himself in such circumstances will not count on help from ImToken employees. The only way to regain access to the funds is to try to crack the password.

ImToken has no limit to the number of passwords that can be entered incorrectly. This proves that the problem of forgotten passwords is real and happens to many users. With this feature, some people can guess their correct password with “n” together. In the case of, for example, Ledger, entering the PIN in this form is not possible because there is a limited number of attempts, after which the wallet is blocked for a specific time, which should be waited before entering the next PIN proposal. However, let’s go back to ImToken, because having an 8-character password, it is not difficult to imagine or count the number of combinations that someone might have to check if they forgot the correct password.

At this point, the only reasonable option is to try to crack the password by brute-force, i.e., checking all possible combinations based on guesses as to the content of the password. KeychainX solves similar cases daily, e.g.,, where we have an encrypted wallet.dat, the problem is the same, only a different wallet. Well, is it really only? The matter becomes complicated when the file is not available, and we do not store it locally on the computer, as is the case in the above-mentioned case. ImToken is a mobile wallet, so the keys are stored on our phone on Android or IOS.

Summary – ImToken wallet/password recovery 

This makes the challenge of cracking the wallet password just part of the work to be done because before attempting it at all, it is necessary to export the file with the encrypted private key. This step is quite complex, especially for IOS phones.

However, we can confirm that it is possible, but it takes a lot of time and concentration to overcome the many difficulties. If you have found yourself in this situation, you have the ImToken application, and you remember any hints, there is a chance that we will be able to help.

Every day we try to establish cooperation with companies such as ImToken. Thousands of users remain without help, although the software vendor is often aware of it. This article aims to focus on the interest of people who have lost their funds, and with them, hope for their recovery! It is also the result of many cases that replicated many times in our clients we have served. Finally, we will add that if you are a user of a different wallet and have a similar problem, do not cancel your chances and contact us to verify the possibilities and chances of recovery.

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