KeychainX and Litpay Group will enable Bitcan clients to recover lost cryptocurrencies.

KeychainX partners network have been joined by the Bitcan online cryptocurrency exchange, known for its unique and  pioneering transaction security systems. KeychainX partnership with Litpay Group will enable Bitcan clients to recover lost cryptocurrencies. On a global scale, these unique services are not available in any other exchange in the world.

Buying and storing digital currencies in cryptocurrency wallets is relatively simple. However, there are situations when you may lose access to purchased cryptocurrencies. For example, this happens when – without a backup – we forget the password for the locally stored private keys or when we mistake BTC addresses for BCH and send our cryptocurrencies to the wrong address. This also applies to deleted data or damaged hardware (Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey, Bitbox, etc.) and software wallets.

Service providers, to which customers report problems first, usually leave their customers without support in such situations. Cryptocurrency exchange offices, exchanges, wallet providers, and other participants of the digital currency exchange market do not offer help to customers who have lost access to their cryptocurrencies in this way. According to the analyzes of global companies, including Coinfirm and Chainalysis, it is estimated that the total value of lost bitcoins is over 30 billion dollars.
The awareness of the losses and the willingness to help Bitcan customers laid the foundations for the partnership between Litpay and KeychainX.

“Our collaboration is proof that the pace of mass cryptocurrency adoption depends on the current market players who should look after their clients to the extent that minimizes all risks associated with the standard use of cryptocurrencies.” ~ Head of Corporate at KeychainX Maksym Chrost

“Safety and a high standard of customer service are absolute priorities for our company. We want to offer our clients real help, not limited only to support related to our platform. Thanks to the cooperation with Keychain X, we extend the scope of the support provided, even to complicated cases of losing cryptocurrencies. ” ~ Katarzyna Nowak, Product Owner at Bitcan