New KeychainX partnership with Coinquista exchange.

KeychainX is happy to announce a new partnership with Coinquista crypto currency exchange, which decided to enrich its offer with lost crypto assets recovery services.

Exchange customers and active cryptocurrency users, are exposed to a lot risks related to the potential loss of access to own crypto funds. When users has problem with lost crypto, usually their first line of action is to contact a trusted exchange which is „credible”. Unfortunately most inquiries are ignored by exchanges due to lack of resources. Those providers have not developed a processes that can handle most cases of lost cryptocurrencies. Our partnership is a clear example how exchanges can change their behaviour without majors structural investment and let an experienced and professional third party be their back office in solving problems connected to lost crypto currencies. We are confident that other exchanges or service providers in the crypto space will follow the ranks of Coinquista and prove that they able take care of their own clients.

Our new partner is the first crypto exchange in Poland that decided to start a cooperation with crypto recovery services company KeychainX. The exchange creates a comprehensive opportunity to help its clients, not only at the level of basic services it provides, but also extends them with full technical support in more complicated cases like lost wallet passwords, funds sent to wrong addresses (e.g. BTC to Bitcoin Cash address), damaged hardware wallets/broken hardware wallet etc.

“It’s important for us to cooperate with entities that act in accordance with regulatory and pro-consumer practices. Coinquista is an exchange that is distinguished by openness and willingness to develop comprehensively on many levels. Combined with high quality of services. This philosophy encouraged us to enter into a  partnership and establish a long-term cooperation”  ~ says Head of Corporate at KeychainX Maksym Chrost

Coinquista motto is “user safety”. This motto was used from the start of the exchange’s operation. We follow this motto to distinguish ourselves with safety first on Coinquista. We are happy to work with KeychainX because their services will make it possible to achieve a higher customer satisfaction. Unlike many other exchanges, we are aware that accidents happen and we want to solve them.”~ says Chief Executive Officer at Coinquista Michal Stryjewski